“Jack has a long history in the martial arts, holding a 10th degree black sash in Kung Fu. He had a background in Okinawan Karate and was a student of Pai Lum under the late Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai. Jack ran the Lannom's Kung Fu center in S.E. Florida and was affiliated with the Kuoshu Federation and the Chinese Boxing Institute International. He studied Kai Sai Kung Fu and the Chinese Boxing arts under James C. Cravens, and mastered the rare art of Wa Lu. I earned my first black sash under Sibok Lannom, eventually earning the level of fourth degree black sash. Jack possessed incredible power and concentration in the martial arts, as well as a unique teaching ability. Jack holds a world record for breaking over 3000 lbs. of ice with a 3" strike! His power was like that of "liquid steel" and he could break just about any kind of material with his bare hands. He was one of the most compassionate yet deadliest men I've ever known and I am eternally indebted to him for his incomparable tutelage in both the martial arts and historical, biblical Christianity.”

Sifu Ken Mills
Chinese Boxing Institute
International, Cape Coral, Florida

Thank you for another year of learning and growing in the Martial arts. You inspire and motivate me to reach higher in all areas of my life. I look forward to my future as a Martial Artist knowing you will be there to teach me. God bless, you.

Marc Matthews
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Words cannot express what your knowledge of Tai chi and Kung Fu, your expertise and caring nature have done for me. As you known, when Isabella took me to see you last May, I had suffered several strokes which had seriously affected and imparted the proper use of my left arm and leg; so much so, that since April, I was unable to walk any distance without the support of a walking stick. In fact, it was becoming increasingly difficult to get around. Since you became my SiBok and I started treatment with you, my strength has increased, my left arm and leg is now much stronger, I can now swim twice a day with no difficulty, and I am walking without a walking stick. Indeed, I am a new man! I wish you much success in your many endeavors. You deserve all the laurels that life can bring. May God bless you and keep you. I shall never forget you.

Yusuf Alghanim, C.M.G.

“I was hungry for information! I went to every seminar and every instructor I could. Seven days a week I trained. Then I met Master Jack Lannom. I was floored. He was quite the motivational speaker. In the first five minutes of his seminar I was so hyped up, I almost passed out.

There was about 300 Martial Artists attending the seminar. Guess who the lucky one was. That’s right. Master Lannom said, “attack me.” I had been down this road before with Master Lee so I was very hesitant and cautious. Master Lannom EXPLODED past me and got behind me. All I could do is double over. There he was, ceded to me like a massive White Ape. His breath even sounded like a gorilla’s nostrils. I trembled like a child awaiting candy, my skin shaking loose from the bone. I dared not move. Master Lannom had already walked off and started explaining his yielding concept. I remained bent over and trembling. He said, “you can get back in line now.” I replied, “I can’t move.” We laughed.

That’s one of the remarkable things about Master Lannom. He didn’t feel the need to hurt people to get his point across. He allows his techniques to speak for themselves. A principal I now practice as a teacher.

I was once again amazed a year later at a seminar Master Lannom was giving. I attended with one of my students- this student was special. Some would call him handicapped because he was in a wheelchair; however I say he was an inspiration.

I asked Master Lannom if it would be ok if Tom (my student) and I practice and adopt his techniques to suit Tom. He thought that would be great. Tom was an incredible learner. He and I found ways to utilize his chair as a Martial Artist and actually use it to an advantage. Master Lannom stopped in the middle of the class and approached us. I thought, “man, are we in trouble.” On the contrary, he asked Tom if he could sit in his chair. Tom gladly complied; Master Lannom tooled around a little bit and gave Tom back his chair. He then shook Tom’s and my hand and said, “keep up the good work.” Not many instructors would stop a class to commend his students- one more lesson I practice to this day, thanks to Master Lannom.

So as you can clearly see I was blessed to work with many different instructors who not only impacted my training, but also my life. I truly believe I can contest to Kung Fu… a way of life.
I truly believe that without the men listed previously, I would be dead. It’s kind of funny; I got into Martial Arts to learn to fight. Instead I was taught this beautiful art. I have been given many life-long friends.

In my Martial Arts career I competed professionally for thirteen years. My record was 76-1, with twenty- three KO’s. I credit my success in competition to the love of the art- I never fought. I challenged myself to different levels. It happened opponents were on the other side. Many men came head- hunting for me, trying to ruin my record, which until my 74th fight was unblemished. I embraced my opponents. I consider all Martial Artists family. I quit my career as a competitor, and refocused my time on the healing portion of the art, rather than the harming part”

Master Michael Wurster
6th Level Black Sash, Mei Hua System

Jack, I must admit I've trained with a lot of people, but I've to this day have never felt projection and internal shock that you have given me. I even still have all the old VHS incentive tapes converted to DVD from the old kwoon on 441 that we used to tape. Well I'd better run but I just wanted to thank you for your teachings, touch, and power I've gained over the years, with the intelligence that rubbed off from our contact over that short year and a half, I have a successful profession, 3 beautiful children( my eldest twelve is a regional and state champion wrestler) and a beautiful wife. Thank you again, Sibok, I've always stayed true to the original Walu that was taught and although don't consider myself a teacher I can see your touch through me and again through them (my police partners) when my life depends on it. I just purchased the Walu Series you produced and am so looking forward to seeing your energy again. Once again, Thank you, Sibok, for guiding my life in the direction being a member of Kai Sai for life. Sincerely,

Fred Zimmermann
"Little Freddy the power lifter"

As a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts and an armed professional in the military, law enforcement, and special security arenas; I have been exposed to a lot of so-called fighting systems. The majority of these are all very similar in scope and application. Some of these are based in traditional martial arts, while others are newly devised systems. Some common missing factors with these systems, is the absence of training tools for the cultivation of focused, controlled ferocity, combined with the effective utilization of the human body’s structure. Mr. Lannom’s knowledge of body mechanics and his ability to turn on this “managed ferocity” like a light switch is a wonder to behold. The WaLu training curriculum that he teaches is simple in application yet devastatingly efficient and lethal. WaLu is truly revolutionary in it’s streamlining of applicable tools and total dominance of the opponent’s body. WaLu Gonka has the ability to seriously toughen the human body quickly and safely. An individual with just basic application of WaLu body mechanics and a short period of toughness training skills will exponentially increase in fighting strength and ability. Mr. Lannom’s system has done wonders for my training regimen and has increased my knowledge of efficient movement of the human body. I have seen what works and what does not work in the vicious world of physical conflict. I don’t have time or room in my strategic tool box for fruitless endeavors or useless techniques. The WaLu curriculum is an excellent tool for cultivating the ferocious edge and hardened body needed to dominate in a real life street fight. Regards,

Bryan M. Seaver, CPS.
Director of Operations
Sentinel International, LLC.
Institute of Modern Combative Sciences



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